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Henrietta Mears was a female evangelical leader at a time when the world was changing. Her dynamic leadership, huge heart for Jesus and love for all led thousands  to Christ and hundreds to life time ministry including Billy Graham,  Bill Bright (Campus Crusades), Jim Rayburn (Young Life), and Hollywood's 1940's "it girl," Colleen Townsend who left the glamour of Hollywood to spend a life time in ministry with her husband, Louis Evans, Jr. The two became advocates for social justice starting with equal rights for African Americans that brought death threats to their family. Mears who was fondly referred to as "Teacher" passed on a mantel of love and a style of leadership that encouraged others to "dream big" and love more. Eventually 8,000 would show up each week at Hollywood Presbyterian Church of Hollywood and line up down the side walk to experience the evangelistic teachings of Miss Mears and Pastor Louis Evans, Sr. The impact of Miss Mears' ministry is still alive today.

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                           The inheritance of                                     yesterday is the                                    life line fo today.

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